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On occasion we might need documents or printing data to complete your order.

In the past we would often use CDs or DVDs to send the files, but now its easily done online.

For this purpose we use the proven and secure online data storage located at

Why do we use online file transmission of documents?

●    Speed – data is uploaded in a few seconds
●    Simplicity – you do not need to burn data on CD/DVD
●    Comfort – no more worries with the handover of data to a carrier

How to get own account and password?

In order to upload your data on you will need to create your own account and password which will allow you enter our company´s space. We will provide you this data upon request.

If you would like to upload your documents online, simply send us a request for data transfer to

Will be my documents secure?

Yes. All your documents will be saved securely on our storage system system and no one else will have an access to them.

You will not lose your data - all of our storage is regularly backed up.

Data transmission is encrypted, so your data will not be accessible to no one else. The storage is under control 24 hours a day.

Where can you find more information?

Do you want to know more about the online upload of your documents? Send your questions to or call us at +420 311 510 051.

You can also learn more at

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