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The company Omega Hořovice was founded in 1994 during which time it employed about 9 people.

Since its beginnings, we have put an emphasis on high quality products and complete customer satisfaction.
German based Rössler Papier & Co. KG, one of the leading manufacturers of paper confection in Europe, has been our partner from the start. 2001 was an important year for Omega Hořovice as Rössler Papier became the new owner.

During period the company went through an overall expansion of production, reconstruction of buildings and equipment. Omega Hoøovice continued to grow successfully and employed about 35 people.



We have had many satisfied repeat customers and new clients have been added as well, making the existing capacity insufficient.  In 2004 there was further expansion and a new production hall was built. Our company has become a large and stable company with about 100 employees and 10 year tradition.


The most important milestones in history of Omega Hořovice

●    1994 – Foundation of the company
●    2001 – Rössler Papier becomes the new owner
●    2004 – Expansion and construction of a new production hall

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